During a period of insanity, a person doesn’t realize they’re insane. Only after do their eyes finally open allowing them to see, most of the time. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, but there’s another word that also comes to mind when I hear that definition; love. I feel it’s only right that love be placed in the thesaurus as another synonym for insanity because it seems to me they mean the same thing. Or maybe I’m wrong and instead love is just the cause for insanity, like the side effects listed on the side of a prescription bottle, except love doesn’t come with those warnings on a label or in an instruction booklet. Instead rather, you have to take the risk of falling into it to find out. But after that first fall, rather than taking heed to what cautions are now reality, you continue to chase it, yearn for it, develop the belief that you need it, just as you would for those drugs in a prescription bottle. You’ve now experienced the risks first hand, have the knowledge of what happened the first time, and yet you’re still seeking it out again with the belief that it will be real this time, that it will last, that it will be different. Then sooner or later you do happen upon it again, except it doesn’t last, and the only thing that’s different are the wounds, the scars you attained this time. This time you tell yourself it won’t happen again but times passes by, and this time love surprises you, and slowly but surely you fall again, and those hopes, dreams, and expectations creep back in and you’re positive that this time it is different, until it eventually isn’t….and the cycle continues. Now tell me isn’t that insanity? And why is it that we can never open our eyes long enough to see it……


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