The Words You Used to Say to Me…

This is just something short I wrote really for myself and for someone else, and originally didn’t plan on posting it, but let me know what you think.. 🙂

I miss the day a few months after we became an us within that first year when we were just talking on the phone, like we did all the time for hours then, and you said out of no where, “I was the light of your life”, and actually meant it. I laughed because it was cheesy and adorable and no one had ever said anything like that to me before, and it immediately gave me butterflies and made me incredibly happy. You essentially said to me that I was the best thing in your life and made you truly happy. I never knew that inside you actually took offense and thought I was laughing at you and basically making fun of you saying that and so never said anything like that again or I would have told you, told you that I would have never laughed at you or made fun of you for that. It took me by surprise and I laughed because it was the most adorable thing, and I’d heard it in movies and assumed you had too, not that you just thought it up to say to me because that was exactly how you felt about me. I wish I knew then, I wish you had said something, so I could tell you that, and tell you that I felt the same. Tell you that that you saying that brought the biggest smile across my face and that in that moment, you saying those words to me, made me think of absolutely nothing else, and that in that moment I felt truly happy. And I wish I knew so that you could have said it again or at least something like it, but I guess it’s too late for that now and it really doesn’t matter because you don’t feel that way about me anymore. Sometimes I wonder now if you even did then, if you even meant those words when you said them, but I’ll continue believing you did, so that I can have that memory and believe that this wasn’t all just a game to you, that at some point in time you truly loved me. I just wish I got to hear those words again and that you meant them now…..