Game Over

I thought the blinders were finally off. I thought I was finally being strong, finally seeing clearly, but I was wrong. The infinite love I feel for you kept me holding onto the delusional hope that something would change, that you would change; back to the person I met, the person I fell in love with. I gave you one more week, 30 more days, just one last day, just one more one last chance to change your mind, keep your word, fight for this relationship and to keep me in your life. I stupidly thought if I just kept giving you one more time, one more chance, talking to you about us over and over again, telling you what would happen if you said no and didn’t take that next step forward with me, everything I’ve done for you and offer, the truth about our relationship.  I foolishly believed that with all of that that you would finally realize, realize that this is the last straw and I’m serious this time, that you will never find anyone like me, everything I’ve done for you, and that I’m not like the others, that your so incredibly lucky to have me. I thought that for once, this time, after everything I’ve done for you, for us to work, all the unforgivable you’ve done that I’ve forgiven, that you’d finally realize that you can’t live without me and you’ll do anything to keep me, that this time you’d say yes. You’d say yes I’m right and that after everything that I deserve that, that I deserve for you to say yes and keep your word, and finally take the next step with me and move in and give it everything you’ve got to make it work. I believed whole-heartedly that you would finally say you’re sorry, that I deserve for you to move forward, to be the man I fell in love with, and for once keep your word to me. Lastly, ready to prove your in love with me, show your committed, show me that I’m the one for you and start a new, a better life with me expecting it to last forever. But again I was so wrong, so overwhelmed by disappointment, the last piece I had of my heart left shattered into the tiniest slivers, making it impossible to ever try and put it back together, to ever try and give it to someone else. All this ever was was a challenge, a game to you and now that its over you think you won, and you may have for now, but in the end I’ll be the one who actually wins. I’ll win because in the end I’ll find someone who loves me, someone who will give and do everything you didn’t, and I’ll be over you and actually happy. While you’ll end up in the end alone, getting with the occasional hoe, thinking about the fact that I was the one and how you made the biggest mistake of your life, wanting nothing more than to change everything at that moment and get me back, but its past too late and I’ll never look back….


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