What Makes You Think You Deserve So Little?

I’m sure everyone knows the quote, “we accept the love we think we deserve”. Why is it that so many of us feel we deserve so little? Allowing others to give us little if nothing at all, put us down, give empty apologies for the same things over and over, cheat, lay their hands on us, lie. Could it be that that quote isn’t fully true? That when the person you love makes these mistakes over and over that you forgive them, give second chances, try to make it work because thats what love is and you just don’t want to let that person go? But where is that line? The one that tells you the difference between love and just accepting? It’s true that in every relationship both people are bound to make mistakes and that relationships take work, but when only one person is making the effort while the other repeatedly makes those mistakes that isn’t love, and by staying, accepting that, waiting for a change you know will never happen, you’re settling for that kind of love that kind of relationship. The truth is if you felt you deserved better you’d find it. You can say over and over again that you deserve better, say you deserve all of the things you know you want from a person, but if you honestly believed thatyou wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t continue to stay. So I guess the question comes back to, what makes us feel we deserve so little?


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