You stole everything I had left…

How can I express my feelings on paper when I have none. You took everything left I had in me, there’es nothing left to give, nothing left to feel. I thought you were different. You took the time to gain my trust, to give the last small piece of my heart I had left to love you, open up to you, give everything I had for you to just shatter it all to pieces. You told me you weren’t like the others, to stop comparing you to them and let you in, let my wall down just to prove you’re just the same. You may not have hit me or cheated on me, but what you fail to realize is those aren’t the only ways to break a person. You chose a different route, but it ended up in the same result; me hurt, broken, scarred, and unloved once again. The only difference is this time you took away any chance of me getting the opportunity to try again because you took everything, the little I had left.


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