The Truth Behind the Smile

I am the most unhappy person you will probably ever encounter, and yet you would never know it. It’s amusing how easily we can hide from the world with a smile, laughter, overcompensation, clothes, the people around us, etc. We take so much time to hide who we really are; our pain, our past, our failures, our faults; that we become lost in this persona and sometimes start to forget ourselves what our true identity is. We live in a world based on acceptance, and therefore spend our entire lives trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations instead of just taking the time to embrace who we are. And the most ironic part of all this is that we know this and yet choose to continue this path based on fear rather than attempting to change it. There are even traits about ourselves that we don’t see are all just a phasad, something else to cover up our true feelings or true selves. I personally use humor and anger as a shield to prevent revealing my true feelings, feelings I perceive as weak. I’ve taken the time to build this giant wall around myself to prevent being judged or hurt because I feel as if that happens even once more that I may just shatter completely. But the truth is all I’m doing is preventing myself from living, and by preventing myself from being hurt, I’m also preventing myself from being loved. You don’t have the option of shutting out one or the other because they go hand in hand…


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