An Unwanted Memory

I wish we had the ability to erase memories because everytime I think of you my heart breaks a little more. All I can think about is your smile, our long talks, and the way I felt little butterflies everytime I saw your face. For the first time I felt like I liked a person not because I needed them but because it was real. I didn’t need you, I wanted to. For the first time it felt like a choice rather than a dependency. I have never felt so compatible with a person, had such a real connection without involving sex. How do you just forget that, move on without a second thought, I know I can’t. You could have at least given some sort of explanation, just said you were over it and wanted me out of your life so I could hate you and move on, but instead you drag me along, and months later I still stare at my phone waiting for your call. I feel as though you took your time slowly opening up my heart, breaking down my wall piece by piece, as if it were a game, and just when that wall was completely gone, when I finally became vulnerable, you reached in a shattered the last pieces of my heart that were left. So now if anyone new tries to come around my heart is ten times colder, and my wall ten feet higher. So now no one ever has a chance to get in…


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