Breaking Point

Every person has a breaking point, the point when you have been broken down and gotten back up so many times, used what little in you you had left to try again and give everything you have only to have it fail yet again. But at this point, you don’t have it in you to get back up because there is nothing left to give. It make look to others that you’re completely broken and they feel the need to feel sorry for you, pity you, but you, you finally feel a sense of relief. You now have the assurance that it won’t happen again, that you can’t be hurt again. Every person that has broken you down, caused this pain, has taken a piece of you, and this time they took the very last piece. Now you’re just numb. You don’t feel happiness, yet you also don’t feel pain. You’re no longer broken, you’re empty. A shell with no emotion, containing nothing but past memories. You can finally glide through life content, without the fear of falling because you have already hit the bottom…


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